Monday, 9 November 2015

Shipping update & Variants info

Universe of Violence - Chaos Dimension Wave two has had a great reception so far, and I thank you all for jumping on board and making it a success. 
Its been a blast!


Sorry for the delay, I didn't get around to posting yesterday but just a quick update on shipping.
As of yesterday, all current orders have been shipped!

All current U.S orders have been sent to Ironhaus Productions USA where Jimmy Rommel will be dispatching orders locally. I sent the US orders via International Priority Express, with tracking. It should arrive within 4-6 days so hopefully by the end of this week.
I imagine early next week, orders will start arriving at your door. You can track the voyage from Oz to US quoting the article ID # EQ037518460AU on the Australia Post website under tracking [HERE].

Anyone in EU including UK, Germany & Finland should have their orders in the next 6-9 days.
If you want your individual Article numbers for tracking, please contact me and I'd be happy to give you it.

Australian orders should start arriving today!


As mentioned earlier in the UOV-CD Wave Two Breakdown post from earlier, this release will contain many variants. 
The regular colour options have variants (scented) figures mixed in at a ratio of 1:3 whereas the blind figures have a ratio of 2:3, and include many more variants than the regular colours. 
If you ordered any bind figures, upon arrival you should try the following. Just saying.

1. Check it's colour. There are metallics, clears, glitters as well as reflective variants.
2. Smell the figure. There are 5 scents in total.
3. Put it under a light and see if it glows in the dark.
4. Place it in hot water and see if it changes colour

Well, that's it for now! I look forward to seeing everyone who paced an order start getting theirs very soon. Thanks again everyone who ordered, and to my two homeboys Eric Nilla & Jimmy Rommel for making this a possibility.

Will be back with more news soon. I think it's almost time for another contest to win some free minis..


Monday, 2 November 2015

UOV:CD WAVE TWO figures on sale NOW!!

The debut release of Universe of Violence: Chaos Dimension Wave Two is now live at the Ironhaus Productions Oz STORE
There's also a fresh batch of Wave One figures available too, for one last time.
Take advantage of our new cheap shipping to U.S, as well as some debut specials like discount prices and freebies.
As usual, you can find me on LittleRubberGuys forum so if you have any questions either post there or here on the blog.
Hope to see you at the store!


Sunday, 1 November 2015

UOV - DEATHMATCH! RULES - 暴力の宇宙 - デスマッチ! - ルール

I have added the new Universe of Violence: Chaos Dimension Deathmatch! RULES to the Ironhaus OZ blog in both English & Japanese. Both are now available for view online or as a PDF file for print-and-play, and can be found under the 'Ironhaus Productions OZ links' section.

Or, you can just download the PDF files right here.

UOV - Deathmatch! is a card, keshi & dice-duelling game where monsters get to slug it out to see who is the reigning supreme champion of Chaos Dimension!

The game is in it's bare beginnings, so bear with me. I've been play-testing it for a while and I feel it should hold together okay. I welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have, so dont be shy. 

The Japanese version is very basic and I translated it online myself, so it's bound to be full of mistakes. 
If anyone wants to make any improvements, I would be very much grateful and would credit you for your contribution.

I will continually update the Deathmatch! RULES along the way, making any needed adjustments as I go.

Hope you guys like it! 


 暴力の宇宙 - デスマッチ! ・ ルール