Metal Monkey's 2D Gallery

Brave Fencer Musashi from Sony
Barbella, Scorpion Girl
Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell 
Spider tattoo concept I did up for a mate
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 
Early Bruce Lee (97')
Celtic Knotwork tattoo concept
Chow Yun Fat Monk
Brandon Lee- The Crow
                       Brandon Lee- The Crow
(Unfinished) Demon Girl
Original Digimon character concept 
Cell from DBZ 
Goku & Frieza from DBZ
Gotenks from DBZ
Early Gohan from DBZ
My 1st ever DBZ sketch (Goten & Trunks)
Guyver Unit 1
Guyver Unit 3
Unit 3
Karate girl Character concept
Marilyn Manson
Marylin Manson
Volnut from Megaman Legends
Monkey King concept
SD Morrigan
Mummy concept
Early Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) Venusaur
Predator (from 99')
Raziel from Soul Reaver
SD Ryu
Early Sonic the Hedgehog w/original characters
Squall from Final Fantasy
Recent Sub Zero
Shaolin Monk using Long Fist
Chibi Rikimaru form Tenchu
Rikimaru form Tenchu
Pai from Virtual Fighter
Resident Evil 2 Zombies
Early Alien (from 96'!)
Storyboard Zombies

These images may only be used on an external site with credit given to myself, Justin Gadze. Thanks.

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