Friday, 30 August 2013

FUTURE - UOVII Wave 1 Teaser

Sorry for the delay since my last post but I finally have some updates on UOVII's development to share with you!

Universe of Violence II :Chaos Dimension Wave 1 will consist of two figures, designed and sculpted by myself (Metal Monkey) and I'm proud to announce Eric Nilla (Eric Nilla Customs) will be casting these fiendish freaks in his famously addictive, and extremely durable PVC rubber in various colours! There might even be some chase figures mixed in to make things more fun.

Secondly, I'll be doing some other little goodies  that will be included free with any UOVII figure. What goodies you say? Sorry but you'll just have to wait and see...

Third, stay tuned for news on a competition to win some free UOVII figures in the near future! The competition will be held at (=> LINK <=) so make sure you check out the UOVII thread there for more info soon, as well as here on my blog.

Lastly, heres a little sneak peek at the UOVII wave 1 characters!
More updates to follow very soon. :)


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

PRESENT - Cthulhu Wars W.I.P Sculpts

Whilst the agonisingly long wait until Dec (when the base game ships out) staggers along at a snail's pace, the good folks at GEG keep us all on the edge of our seats with their regular updates of the games rapid, and impressive development.

The team at Fenris Games continue to surprise everyone withy their accurate translations of the character designs, and the lightning fast speed in which they pump out these new sculpts!
Artist Richard Luong who has refined, or redefined these nightmarish creatures into what some are saying to be the definitive version for H.P.Lovecrafts mythos creatures for future generations to come. Check out his website => HERE <= and see for yourself, his work is fantastic.

Here are a few of my favourite pics if taken directly for the kickstarter campaign (=> LINK <=) which is well worth checking out.

Atlach-Nacha (W.I.P)
Abhoth (W.I.P)
Ghatanathoa. ( I assume?)
Shoggoth (New and Improved version)

Yog Sothoth
Spawn of Yog Sothoth (W.I.P)
(Clockwise from top-left) Spawn of Yog Sothoth W.I.P, Abomination, Cultists, Mutants.

These are the figures that come with the first expansion, 'Opener of the Way'. It was taken a while ago, which is why Spawn of Yog Sothoth doesnt have its appendages in the picture (see pic above for the updated figure).
The idea is that the cultists summon these mutants who continue to become powered up as the game progresses and morph into the Abomination, then the Spawn of Yog Sothoth, and lastly old Yog himself.
Note: This colour which some people have coined 'cow-dung' was only a test run and wont be used in the game.
Personally, I like it since it shows the details well and reminds me of the M.U.S.C.L.E flesh colour.

If your a fan of H.P.Lovecraft or into table-top boardgames then you really ought to get into this!
 Its really shaping up to be a killer game by the looks of it.

 Is it December already?

Monday, 12 August 2013

FUTURE - Universe of Violence II COMING SOON!

UoV2 is coming soon... 
You've been warned! :)

PAST to PRESENT - My 2d Artwork Gallery now up!

It occurred to me I have a LOT of old sketches I've done over the years that I've never put to good use.
I decided it was about time to make a gallery on my blog so I could show off some of the things that have had an impact on my life, and things I've found to be a continuing inspiration for me!

Here a few of my favourites I'd like to show you, but if you wanna check it out yourself just follow the link at the top right, just under HOME. I hope you enjoy some of these as much as I did drawing them!


Saturday, 10 August 2013

PRESENT - Micro Bastards by Ironhaus Prods. mini review

Here are some of the elusive Micro Bastards line of 1" rubber figures by Ironhaus productions. Designed, sculpted and cast by prodigy Jimmy Rommel, one of my favourite guys in the independent toy makers community who make really cool keshigomu-styled mini-figures in the same vein as the legendary Monster In My Pocket line.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some of these guys before they were all gone (for now), don't forget these are all hand made in limited numbers and and get snapped up pretty fast so you gotta be quick. Having random chase figures mixed in makes it all the more addictive!

Each set has 3 common figures, and 1 chase figure.

(Above) These are the figures I got, a mix of set 1 and set 2. 
The top row (from L-R) S1Rat Bastard, S1 Filth, S1 Mike Grady, 
Bottom row - S2 ??, S1 Beetle Punk, S2 ??.
The two unknown figures on the bottom row are from the upcoming Set2 and so far little is known about these guys so hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

The reverse side of one of the new S2 figures shows how much detail these micro 1" guys really have, Jimmy has done amazing job of jamming in a lot of features like this decomposing skeleton.

So where do you get these? Just follow the link => HERE <= to check out the Ironhaus Pro Store. They are priced at $13 US for a set of 3 figures.

Also, be on the lookout for this killer line of 2-2.5" rubber figures, Universe of Violence,  being released at given times. To keep up to date with what Jimmy's up to, release schedules and more information, check out his blog here => HERE <=. 
UoV are also available at Eric Nilla's store here => HERE <=.

Big thanks to Jimmy for these very neat figures, and getting me totally hooked on this line! I 'm excited to see where Micro Bastards goes in the future.

Friday, 9 August 2013

PRESENT - Cthulhu Wars the table-top miniatures game!

So, the Cthulhu Wars (table-top miniature boardgame based on the literary works of H.P.Lovecraft) Kickstarter campaign has ended at a staggering $1.4 Million, congrats Sandy Peterson & the team at Green Eye Games! This has to be the most exciting kickstarter campaign of the year, and although the official kickstarter has ended there is still opportunity for peeps to get in before its too late by pledging @ => LINK <=  Hurry as the pledge manager wont be open forever!
If you were ever a fan of games such as Hero Quest or Space Hulk, or maybe you're into Warhammer... this is shaping up to be a killer game and you should jump on board.

An update on only some of the figures to be used in the main game and the Azathoth expansion.
(Note: some of the figures represented have since been revised, such as the Mi-Go, and newer figures will be replacing these when the game ships.)

If you havent seen the Kickstarter campaign and dont know what Im talking about... where have you been for the last 6 months! Click this => LINK <= and check it out now! I highly recommend it. :)

PAST to PRESENT - Scorpion Girl

I have a slew of updates I'd like to get thru today, starting with one of my earlier designs from last year - Barbella, the Scorpion Girl. 
Originally intended as one of many series 2 OMFG submissions, she has since gone on to be sculpted by the incredibly talented Ed Gein (Bryan Fulk) but I cannot say much more on what is happening with her as of yet... Its all very secret squirrel!  Rest assured she will be making her debut in the near future, so you'll just have to watch my blog for any further developments. :) 

The (final) original concept.

A close-up of Bryan's amazing sculpt.
(Notice she lost her stubby antennae. This was because, a: scorpions dont have antennae, and b: they would have created 'undercuts' in the mold which should be avoided.  ) also did a great write up on Barbella's progress some time back (Thanks guys!), if you missed it here is the => link. <=

Thursday, 8 August 2013

PAST - My 1st attempt at sculpting a GPK

This is a Garbage Pail Kids 'unstitched Mitch' sculpt I did early last year before I really knew what I was doing. I did it all in one sitting, and it didn't have any armature so the figure sagged quite a bit. Its actually quite chunky and dwarfs the original GPK cheap toys in comparison. I have to laugh at how rushed this figure was, I mean, it looks more like he has cookies coming out of him rather than the cotton stuffing it should have! Oh well, it was my first real attempt at working on a 2" scale (fail!) but at least I learned something from the experience; take your time!

Small beginnings...

Something I've been meaning to do for a while now, and after much adieu... here it is - my blog.
It may start off a bit bare in the beginning but I'll constantly be updating it with new stuff as often as i can spare. 

I'll mostly be posting about stuff I do. Sketches, Sculpts, other projects as well as reviewing toys. New and old, popular or obscure. 
Ill keep the drivel to a minimum if I can, but if i see something I like, or don't like, I may just post about it.

Feel free to make comments on stuff you like or not.