Wednesday, 20 November 2013

PRESENT - The Smurfs 'Candy Collection Head' with mini-figure review.

The two containers the smurf figures come in, Smurfette & a standard Smurf.

Recently I stumbled across these new Smurf Heads with candy & mini-figures so, being a Smurf fan I had to buy some and do a quick review since I can't find any info on these on the internet just yet. I did find two lots on eBay though, and both are located in Australia, I wonder if these will turn up elsewhere?

Retail box with a full set of 8 figures for sale on eBay.
These are supposed to be Limited Edition, as it say on the box and checklist but theres no mention of it being a series. There are a total of 8 figures to collect; Papa Smurf (Red), Gargamel (Black/Grey), Smurfette (Pink), Jokey (Blue), Vanity (Blue), Hefty (Blue), Grouchy (Blue) & Brainy (Blue). The figures themselves are about 1" tall, and made of a harder resin but still have a small degree of flexibility. Each pack retails for AUD $2.00 and I found these for sale in the Reject Shop.

The packs each contain one mini-figure, a checklist, a sticker & some candy.

The figures I pulled from my first 5 packs, one was a double (Jokey, not pictured)

A close up of the checklist.
Each figure has © Peyo printed on the back of their hats.

Not much to really say about these guys, but they do look nice! They're about half the size/stature of an original PVC smurf but their detail is pretty good considering. They seem to have been cast in separate pieces and then assembled later (much like GPK Minikins). 

Im curious to see if these pop up anywhere else, so if you do see them for sale please post and say where.


  1. Good stuff! They could have easily just filled them with candy, so it's really cool that they included mini figures as well. I really like these.

  2. Thanks man! Yeah, I'm glad they included minis too, I just wish there were more characters and in mixed colours.. Still, theyre pretty neat. :)

  3. please help me look at ebay i didnt find it