Wednesday, 22 January 2014

PAST to PRESENT - MIRCRO BASTARDS new figures update

In addition to my previous mini-review of the fun line of mini-figures Micro Bastards by Ironhaus Productions I did last year HERE, I have another long overdue (on my part) update on some of the newest figures on offer that I've been meaning to do for sometime now. Sorry about that.

Without further delay, here are the new Micro Bastards figures 

Partytime Beetle Punk, this guy stands the tallest of the Micro bastards figures so far, he earned his title 'Partytime' in a discussion over at the LRG threads where he was named by member Draznar if I'm not mistaken. Looks like he's raving, or just won at something like a fight. Love the details on this figure, especially his gas mask (which only compliments his title, Partytime).
Great little figure! This guy is a colourbomb of greys that really bring out the details, as well as a transparent smoky colour, giving him a real industrial feel. Awesome!

Big Head, in some cool colourbomb combinations. I covered this guy briefly in my previous MB write up, however at the time Big Head had not been officially released. He has been since released and available in the unique colourbomb style as pictured. Has some nice details like a semi-exposed skeleton on his back, and a somewhat totem/idol looking face which gives him a distinct islander feel not unlike a Tiki idol. A solid but moderately sized figure, and one of my favourite MB's of all time.

Frankenblem, somewhat a recurring central character in the Rommelverse much like Deadface or Hell Turtle.  Previously we had the Blemmyea Warrior in the Universe of Violence line, followed by a another mini Blemmyea the Gorwewad Monsters line, now we have a new hybridised half-Frankenstein, half Blemmyea incarnation. This guy oozes attitude and looks to be a bit of a mean machine. Short but stocky, Frankenblem is a great figure and a very welcome addition to the Micro Bastards line. 

Dr. Goot, not officially a Micro Bastards but more like a cameo of the comic character by the same name. Im not familiar with the comic, but it doesn't deter me from liking this cool figure!
Love the hair and pose on this guy, very nicely done. Dr.Goot was a giveaway prize from the Ironhaus Pro Store when ordering over a set amount in one time, which is always a nice surprise and added bonus when buying indie mini-figures (not something that happens a lot in my experience).

 Mystery mini is exactly that, a mystery to me. He's not officially a Micro Bastard from what I gather and knowing very little more about this guy other than he's a kit-bash and stands about 1/2 an inch tall. Tiny! A very neat looking figure all the same. I'd love to know more about this guy, so if anyone knows something about him please comment down below. :)

The Micro Bastards line is steadily growing and there's currently quite a few figures to collect, but I'm not sure of any checklist so it's hard to be sure. I know there's even more figures than those just pictured above, which is my own personal collection. The future of Micro Bastards in 2014 looks unclear at this point, as up until recently they have always been readily available for a modest price at Ironhaus Pro Store. Im not sure what's in store for these guys in the future, so if you want these guys and more Micro Bastards, I suggest showing some support either here in the comments, at Ironhaus Pro blog or at the LRG threads on Micro Bastards. 

I hope to see more of these guys still to come over the course of 2014. They're a lot of fun!


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