Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Sorry for being MIA for the past couple of months, have had a lot on my plate with going back to FT work, looking for a new place with my partner & coming down with a bad case of the flu..

Still, life goes on and so does the want for making and collecting monstery mini figures!

Speaking of which, good mate Eric Nilla has just added a small amount of UOVII- Chaos Dimension, Wave 1, figures Satyrant & Venus Maneater cast in rubbery flesh tones to his STORE of custom castings, keshi & other cool mini figures. 
Anyone stateside that missed the Debut Release earlier of UOVII can grab some from his awesome store and have them shipped locally for a more affordable price (as oppose to the stupidly high international shipping charges from Australia). 

This is the only US release for UOVII - Chaos Dimension thats in the cards for the time being, reason being is that as soon as I move into my new place I will start casting figures too!
Eric was kind enough to help me pick up a pressure pot from the mighty US of A (evidently, everything is expensive here..) & I've been acquiring raw materials to get the ball rolling ASAP. 
I may be posting updates as I go, from setting up equipment to test runs.. depends how adventurous I'm feeling. 

I plan on doing a crystal clear run in resin for my first solo release with maybe a few extra one offs to keep things interesting, as well as bringing out Wave 2 and beyond with all new characters. Not to mention, I will be making Print & Play version of the Rules for playing head-to-head in UOVII- Deathmatch!

So keep an eye out on my blog here for any future updates, as well as the UOVII thread over at LittleRubberGuys forum.

More news as it happens.


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