Monday, 13 April 2015 what's new? Ironhaus news + ROTB series 2 sneak peek

I've been a bit quiet on the blog front lately, though you'll usually catch me on Facebook. Sorry about that, my plate's been pretty full changing jobs after a crappy workplace injury earlier this year. Hopefully, smooth sailing form here on out.

I have a new Instagram account HERE where I'll be adding a lot more pics of toys I like, and stuff that I've been up to - mostly Ironhaus stuff I'm sculpting, assembling, painting or casting. As always, I'll stray and add anything toy-related I think is worth noting.

As you probably know, I'm now an official Ironhaus member (woot!) and as such I'll be mostly lurking around the Ironhaus blog but will still be back at my old blog from time to time... for now anyways.

Things are moving ahead with a few projects, and soon we can start to show off some more of what's in store from us. For now at least, here are some more imminent stuff.

Here's a mini kiaju I made for an upcoming line of monster figures by Ironhaus. Based somewhat on Rhan Tegoth, and stands about 1" tall. The MUSCLE figures give you a better idea of scale. He still needs a bit of a sanding.

Rhan showing off his cute little turtle shell.
This guy was a lot of fun to make!

Here are the test pulls for Medusa the Gorgon & Barbella the scorpion girl, who are both making their debut in Universe of Violence : Chaos Dimension sometime very soon!
Designed by me (MM) sculpted by Bryan Fulk (Ed gein) and cast by none other than Eric Nilla in his amazing & addictive keshi-like rubber! Expect to see some sweet colours & one offs the for the first drop, which as always will be rather limited.
Stay tuned for more info here!

Another couple of guys who'll be making their entry into UOV around the same time as Medusa & Barbella are these two guys which I sculpted around this time last year. 
I know, I'm a bit slow to get pics up.. But at least it won't be long before these will be available too.
Both are somewhat smaller than previous figures like Satyrant & Venus Maneater, and that will be explained soon via the new print & play rules for UOV : Deathmatch!
A simple, fast turn-based game where monsters duel and the victor is crowned champion.
All in time.



I will post more news as things draw closer, but I hope you guys like some of what's in store from us here at Ironhaus Pro. Keep an eye on our blog, the Ironhaus Facebook page, and new instagram for more news & pics to follow.


Meanwhile, some exciting news has unfolded at Little Rubber Guys
Their awesome line of PVC figures Rise of the Beasts has just had series 2 sculpts revealed in the form of 3D prints.. and wow do they look impressive!

Photo's and text taken directly from LRG and their ROTB kickstarter.

'Asayid, our Lion character and homage to White Leo/Pirate Lion from the original Battle Beasts series.' 
'Khabasat. A horned lizard. We recently added a tail to this guy (thanks to suggestions from fans!).'
'Guwrah, another Battle Beasts homage. This time to the ever popular Gargantuan Gorilla.'

'No name for this guy yet. He is our wicked cool ant character. We had to thicken up the antennae on his head. The original ones broke off during the cleaning of the 3d print. They were just too thin.'

'A new (old) head for our Scorpion character.'

Group shot of the ROTB series 1 & 2 figures!

As you can see, these are off the hook!!
I'm super excited for these new guys, and cant wait to get some nice weapons for these figures so I can display them with my Battle Beasts & beast Saga figures.
Hopefully they become available soon.

In the meantime, why not pick up some series one figures form the LRG store?
The prices are excellent and the figures are just awesome.

That's all for now.


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