Friday, 30 August 2013

FUTURE - UOVII Wave 1 Teaser

Sorry for the delay since my last post but I finally have some updates on UOVII's development to share with you!

Universe of Violence II :Chaos Dimension Wave 1 will consist of two figures, designed and sculpted by myself (Metal Monkey) and I'm proud to announce Eric Nilla (Eric Nilla Customs) will be casting these fiendish freaks in his famously addictive, and extremely durable PVC rubber in various colours! There might even be some chase figures mixed in to make things more fun.

Secondly, I'll be doing some other little goodies  that will be included free with any UOVII figure. What goodies you say? Sorry but you'll just have to wait and see...

Third, stay tuned for news on a competition to win some free UOVII figures in the near future! The competition will be held at (=> LINK <=) so make sure you check out the UOVII thread there for more info soon, as well as here on my blog.

Lastly, heres a little sneak peek at the UOVII wave 1 characters!
More updates to follow very soon. :)


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