Friday, 9 August 2013

PAST to PRESENT - Scorpion Girl

I have a slew of updates I'd like to get thru today, starting with one of my earlier designs from last year - Barbella, the Scorpion Girl. 
Originally intended as one of many series 2 OMFG submissions, she has since gone on to be sculpted by the incredibly talented Ed Gein (Bryan Fulk) but I cannot say much more on what is happening with her as of yet... Its all very secret squirrel!  Rest assured she will be making her debut in the near future, so you'll just have to watch my blog for any further developments. :) 

The (final) original concept.

A close-up of Bryan's amazing sculpt.
(Notice she lost her stubby antennae. This was because, a: scorpions dont have antennae, and b: they would have created 'undercuts' in the mold which should be avoided.  ) also did a great write up on Barbella's progress some time back (Thanks guys!), if you missed it here is the => link. <=

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