Friday, 20 September 2013

FUTURE - UOVII Wave 1 Reveal!

After much delay, here are the Universe of Violence II figures from Wave 1 - Satyrant weighing in at approx 2.5" tall and Venus Maneater who is slightly shorter at 2", yet makes up for it in beef. 

I hope you enjoy this first look at the figures from Wave 1! 

Side by side for height comparison.

Satyrant posterior view.

These are still the early prototypes and the figures may undergo some minor changes to make them more suitable for molding and casting, which is well underway.

Stay tuned for more release info as well as the launch of my storenvy website!



  1. Very impressive! I am excited for them both!

  2. Thanks a lot! :D i found Satyrant quite a challenge but think i learned heaps. Very excited to get these guys out and into the wilderness soon!