Tuesday, 17 September 2013

PRESENT to FUTURE - Cthulhu Wars News

The folks at Fenris Games have been hard at work, pumping out one figure after another for Sandy Petersen & GEG's upcoming Cthulhu Wars game, which is really shaping up to be an epic masterpiece. 
Cthulhu Wars boasts not only the standard base game, but a whopping 21 expansion packs filled with over 125 of H.P.Lovecraft's mythos creatures that have all been reworked and realised into these stunning figures. 
Sadly, the ETA for the game has been delayed to February next year, however GEG are hard at work trying to dispatch everything in one big shipment! Thats not gonna be easy, I definitely don't envy those guys one bit right now. 
We're all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the game, but until then we can feast our eyes on some W.I.P pics of the games sculpts. 

Atlach-Nacha W.I.P



Cthughua W.I.P

Chaugnar Faugn



Bokrug W.I.P

Servitor of the Outer Gods

Slime W.I.P

Rhan-Tegoth W.I.P 

Rhan-Tegoth W.I.P 

Dimensional Shambler


High-Preist W.I.P

Watcher of the Green Pyramid

Formless Spawn


H.P.Lovecraft Player Marker W.I.P

A painted up sculpt of a Flying Polyp that was posted on the GEG Facebook page.

More of Richard Luong's incredible artwork for the game, this one is for the Tsathoggua faction art card. 

If you're interested in downloading the digital copy of Richard's artwork for the game, just follow this < LINK >. The good news regarding this artwork is that Richard has announced there will be a separate Kickstarter Campaign specifically for published versions of the book in either a soft-cover version suggested at $25 or a hard-cover version which is set at $50 for now. Apparently, there will be a special version of the book with some secret extra that has yet to be revealed. Interesting! There has already been talk and requests for a premium leather-bound edition, but nothing has been confirmed about that as of yet.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Kickstarter campaign for more updates < HERE >, or on the Cthulhu Wars Facebook page < HERE >
I will also do random posts between now and when the game ships first quarter 2014 right here on my blog.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday Sandy Petersen!! :D

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